Skin developer guide

This page provides some useful informations for skin developers.

Skin file (GeckoBrowser)

This is the background skin file behind the browser window. On the top there should be some buttons for controlling the web browser and on the bottom a status label and a LinkID label.

Filename Window ID
geckobrowser.xml 16002


Control Control ID Description
Button 2 Back button
Button 3 Forward button
Button 4 Refresh button
Button 5 Stop button
Button 6 Go Home button
Button 7 Favorite button
Button 8 Browse button

Property items

To show informations from GeckoBrowser on the plugin screen.

Property name Description Complete url of the actual web-page. Internal use only. Zoom value. Internal use only. Show the short url. For ex. would be
#geckobrowser.linkid Shows the actual typed LinkID
#geckobrowser.status Shows the status of web-page loading

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